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Mata Ortiz has recently seen a revival of an ancient Mesoamerican pottery tradition. Inspired by pottery from the ancient city of Paquimé, which traded as far north as New Mexico and Arizona and throughout northern Mexico, modern potters are producing work for national and international sale. This new artistic movement is due to the efforts of Juan Quezada, the self-taught originator of modern Mata Ortiz pottery, his extended family and neighbors.

Mata Ortiz pots are hand built without the use of a potter’s wheel. Shaping, polishing and painting the clay is entirely done by hand.


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The mastery of Mexican pottery can be seen as far back as the fourteenth and the fifteenth century. Throughout history, including today, pottery played a key role in trade and culture. Moreover, this Mexican artform helped create the first connections between the Pueblo culture of the United States and the northern part of Mexico. Traders sought this beautiful Mexican artwork to barder deeper into the United States.

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